Nostalgia of Our Summer

It’s bittersweet for me this year more than ever that summer is over. It happens every year though I love fall and even love winter more. But there is something so playfully amazing about summer, and it’s hard to end it sometimes.

I hope that your summer was fabulous! The bright days sure give us the exuberant joyful spirit and the days are longer for the little ones to play. I cannot believe we are officially in fall season and the holidays are just around the corner. (We have even bought our Nutcracker performance tickets!)

So when a beautiful summer is over, it’s hard for me to let go. I had many fond memories of the sunny days this year more than ever as a mom (and momtrepreneur). The girls are bigger now. Keira and Fiona can now play so much more together, which makes a lot of activities so much more fun. When on the road, they chat, they sing, they giggle and soak up the sisterly love together.  At home, they play Barbie dolls together (though there are times Keira needs to have her own playtime alone, “uninterrupted” from her 2-yo little sister). But the two of them are the sweetest things in my life and they love each other to pieces.

So, here is something that brings up that warm feeling inside…

Summer schedule in our house has not been structured at all. The girls have more “loose” schedules so they can enjoy their childhood and long sunny days even more. Keira finished her Kindergarten this summer  (with flying colors! As colorful as Kindergarten reports can be) and was fully at home with mommy and her baby sister this summer. They made so many messes at home, though we did get out for a couple mini vacations, in Palm Springs then Cannon Beach, Oregon, and had a blast. Keira opted for no camps this summer because she said she wanted to be with mama and her little sister, whom she calls “Little” these days. I have to say I am flattered she likes to spend time with me. I love having them home within arms’ reach. Yes, it was challenging, working as a momtrepreneur while caring for the two little sweethearts. (Painting nails on a daily basis, anyone?)

Aside from our mini trips here and there, we had a couple of amazing times at two of our Trunk Shows. Thank you to Kumquat Baby and Jaxx Boutique for hosting and carrying our lines. We had a blast at both events! It was so fun to meet the customers in person and see what they thought of our clothing designs! Thank you for those who came and all of you who support us!

Regardless what you did with your kids this summer, I really hope you had plenty of soaking up playful, loving time with your little darlings. I want to invite you to take a look at what we have done this summer. May the exuberant feeling of the fun-in-the-sun days last in your heart forever!

Summer makes us think of endless playdates on the warm sand…frolicking with friends and creating more memories. Here are Keira and Fiona’s dear friends playing in the sand early this summer. No matter where life takes them one day, we always remember the abundant love they have for another.


flower girl dresses

Summer makes us think of mini vacations and have a lot of fun on the trip!

Here are some pictures from our Palm Springs mini trips this summer. Yes, we did it twice this summer! Nothing hotter here in California than the deserts. We always love going to Palm Springs and staying at the Viceroy Palm Springs. There is something about feeling the California desert heat, being in the pool (family pool, that is) all day, and to me, personally, the charming Old Hollywood glamour mixed with bold chic-modern interior decor style that I always adore, that brings back the Hollywood golden days in Palm Springs. Or in anywhere. (I am a big fan of the American home decorator icon Dorothy Draper and today’s icon Kelly Wearstler) Oh! Be dazzling, dahhling! It was about time. It had been a few years since the last time we stayed there (we started this “tradition” when I was pregnant heavily with Keira (our “babymoon”).

Stole a moment on the road


Always in love with this Citron restaurant in the resort

(photo courtesy of Viceroy Palm Springs)citron1

Fiona doing “bunny jumps”, so happy to have arrived in the villa  discount BRIDESMAID DRESSES 2016 and 2017

I had my usual urge to take a picture of both girls. Don’t you just love this wallpaper? This was taken in our dining room in the villa


How Fiona lounged by the (family) pool 🙂

Pools. We just love pools. Especially this family pool.

(Photo courtesy of the Viceroy Palm Springs)


Fiona acting as a sleeping baby. This girl can act!


 With love from our “home” in the desert


 This picture below: top part of the picture was taken about 6 years ago, the below part of the picture was taken this summer. Some things do change!lookingback



This below picture was taken by Keira 🙂



We also loved our short vacation in Cannon Beach, Portland. We rented a cottage right on the beach so we got to see this view everyday.



We got to see the annual Cannon Beach Sand Castle Festival during our stay there and I just loved these flags (along with the amazing sand castles, of course)



One of our new designs also had a mini vacation with us 🙂


Another reason to love summer for me is: America’s birthday! (And my birthday :)! So, every year, we celebrate the two events together and I am lucky that the festivities always include a parade and watching fireworks. Look who did not take a nap until really late this Fourth of July, in her all-American romper!


Here are some pictures from our Trunk Shows this summer!

Kumquat Baby Boutique, Eagle Rock – Los Angeles


Jaxx Boutique in the Westside Pavilion Mall – West Los Angeles





Last but never least! We always have to visit to the strawberry field in summer! We went to our favorite Underwood Family Farms, their smaller farm this time, but equally beautiful, in Somis, California. (Their other farm we have visited also is in Moorpark, California). The girls had fun “harvesting” strawberries and blueberries! (Although, the latter was more difficult. Especially when Fiona just kept eating what we picked! Ha ha!)




And for those who would love the strawberry jam recipe, here it is! We love summer and hope you and your little ones are having a fabulous summer!

Strawberry Jam Recipe


1 quart = 2 pint = 4 cups of fresh strawberries (about 2 pounds)

3/4 cup sugar (or 1 cup if you like it sweeter)

2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice (3/4 of one whole lemon approximately)


Wash and hull the strawberries

Put them in the processor to coarsely chop them

Transfer to a large skillet on medium heat

Pour sugar

Pour lemon juice

Stir frequently while bringing it to boil (about 10 minutes)

Put on low heat, stir again, simmer for 3 more minutes


Now pour into jars and refrigerate before serving for an hour


Your kitchen and home will smell deliciously! As well as your face:) I got a kiss from Fiona and she said, “You smell like strawberries, Mama!”

I could go on and on with this post but I had to stop as it has too many photos already and I probably made you yawn;)

I am ready for fall and winter now (though it never gets so cold here in California!)

What is your most favorite summer nostalgia this year?