Creme Brûlée in Yellow Floral and Turquoise Floral!

Super-best seller alert! 🙂

My production team and I have been extremely busy these past couple of months. I have been in heaven creating and perfecting a new Fall Winter 16 collection while producing endless sweet dresses and sunsuits for all the little darlings in this world! We are so beyond grateful, delighted, honored and flattered that our line will be carried at many beautiful upscale stores even more this season. Thank you, retailers for your excitement and generous praises on our line! With that being said, we have started shipping our Creme Brûlée dresses including these lovely floral print ones to the lovely retailers! Soon these sweet babies will be on our website, too. Thank you for supporting us and our gorgeous retailers! If you cannot find a style and size once these cuties are up, let us help you!



Runaway Pony Creme Brûlée dresses in yellow and turquoise floral and Petit Croissant in hot pink romper

Runaway Pony Creme Brûlée dresses in yellow and turquoise floral and Petit Croissant in hot pink romper


Runaway Pony Yellow Floral Creme Brûlée dress

Runaway Pony Yellow Floral Creme Brûlée dress


Runaway Pony Turquoise Floral Creme Brûlée dress

Runaway Pony Turquoise Floral Creme Brûlée dress

Happy First Birthday, Baby.

One year ago, near midnight like right now, we were sitting anxiously and excitedly in front of the computer screen waiting for a countdown for the launch of our brand. It launched and it seemed so surreal. Many of our close friends and family cheered for us that very moment online, on the phone and in person. It was like becoming a mother for the first time ever again. What was once just a daydream became real. From just thinking and talking about it to mothering it full of passion. Like a long-awaited precious little newborn baby, Runaway Pony was born to a welcoming loving home that has been nurturing and raising it with nutritious love and cuddles. A year has flown by so fast, and we have been so blessed that we are supported by so many of you who make Runaway Pony bloom everyday. This little baby has gone through many learning curves, has survived many challenges that often led to amazing new opportunities, and has achieved milestones that are incredibly rewarding and heart-melting. Every day is an exciting day full of new things to learn. And that’s because we have you who care about our baby. Thank you for allowing us to blossom together with your sweet, tender-hearted little darlings, celebrating the precious childhood moments we will always treasure in our hearts. We are eternally grateful for your support, love and cuddles. Happy First Birthday, Runaway Pony. Mommy is so proud of you.

Let’s party tomorrow, Saturday, February 7th, 2015!

Time: 12PM in the afternoon (possibly after soccer or ballet practice?)

Where: Social Media


Mommy Dian

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! It’s never enough words to say how grateful we are for you, your little ones and our little ones. With their tender hearts, giggles, cries, smiles and frowns, they give us so much power to love them more than we could ever imagine and with all that, they give us the best inspirations of all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you all!

With love,

Sean, Dian, Keira, Fiona and the whole dream team of Runaway Pony!

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flower girl dresses

Oh My Stars! Happy Birthday, America!

Runaway Pony is a product of an American dream. We believe that anything is possible in this great country. We believe that this land gives anyone the opportunity to bloom to the fullest in the pursuit of happiness. From our family to yours, from California to the New York island, from our dreams to yours, we wish you a wonderful Fourth of July! Never stop believing, America. Here’s to all things dreamed and made into reality in America!

May you all have a safe and fun celebration!