News, News and Happy Summer!!!

Thank you for all the sweet follow on our Twitter @RunawayPonyLA!:) We now have sweet followers of 550+! Yay! Keep them coming ­čÖé

Exciting things are coming our way! Though the website is still under development, our blog now has been moved to the same website here! First, we are still waiting for a few more samples that should be done in a couple of weeks. Then, we will be working on our ┬ávery first ever photoshoot!!! ­čÖé We are extremely excited that we will be working with an awesome and talented mommy photographer friend Nicole Benitez from Nicole Benitez Photography . Since Dian McManus’s little girls are in the fun show biz through the amazing Paloma Model & Talent family group, we are so fortunate to have known many outstanding and sweet families! Many of them are very, very talented, like Nicole. Not just the kids, but also the moms or the dads! And we are so blessed that Nicole will be our very first photographer! Nicole has worked on Keira’s headshots and we are truly excited we will be working with her again! We love Nicole and her personable sweet being! Her work is beyond stunning!


The next thing that will happen is…our “Mom of the Month” blog section! We will be choosing a Mom of the Month every month to be featured on our blog. Moms can submit a short paragraph with a picture or two to We ask that they can tell us a typical┬ástory of ┬átheir day. Moms, what do you do, how do you do it, how do you juggle everything, how do you keep the kids at home during summer (mommy camp, anyone?:) and what are things or what is it that makes you feel so delightfully happy of being a mom to your little darling or darlings. We would love to hear any inspiring story! When a mom is chosen to be featured on our blog, she will get 30% off discount and free shipping! ­čÖé All moms are AMAZING and just like superwomen in our eyes, so we look forward to hearing all the darling stories of your mommyhood!

With that said, Mommy Dian McManus has been busy with her little girls opening up her home to friends and family who want to join her “Mommy Summer Camp”! (This week’s theme was “Up, Up and Away!”) where the girls learned about airplanes, rockets, hot-air balloons, clouds and such. They also made a field trip to Santa Monica Airport where the family had a picnic lunch on the public viewing deck watching the little planes land and take off. Snacks included a “Blast Off” rocket snack and Keira also wanted to make hot-air balloon paintings. Today to close the week, they will be making paper rocket craft and possibly a rocket made out of cardboard! Fun fun fun! Happy summer to all of you!!!

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6 thoughts on “News, News and Happy Summer!!!

  1. Hello Dian,
    I am searching for your yummy jam recipe (from a FB pic)! Am I looking in the right place?
    I would love to give it a try.

    Thank you

    • Hello sweet Marjorie! I am sorry we have not posted it yet but did not forget about it! Supposed to be coming this week:) I will definitely let you know when it’s posted:) Thank you for your patience and support!!! Xoxo

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