Runaway Pony is 3 Today!

Runaway Pony is 3

Runaway Pony Group-3It seems like it was only yesterday when we counted down to midnight when we launched our very first collection on February 7, 2014 at 00:01 AM. Now we are three years old. We want to take this moment to say: THANK YOU from the bottom of our very hearts for your deep support, loyalty, trust and love in our sweetly baked dresses, sunsuits, rompers, overalls – in our brand, our vision, our mission, our labor of love, our determination, and our dreams.

Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are. Starting a business is never easy and with every challenge and obstacle we learn (sometimes the hard way, Kleenex is always handy), get back up again and grow. With every accomplishment and success, we grab a Kleenex again, and our hearts melt like a cup of delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows on top full of gratitude, warmth and joy. With every design that is made to life, I jump in joy like a child in a candy store and I want to hug the seamstresses and everyone nearby. “It’s so cute!!! Thank you!!!” is often heard in a high pitch note (my voice) and a big smile is seen on our faces. Visions of darling little children in each creation always make my day. You, your support, our inspirations and love for children keep us going. There are days that taste like cupcakes and macarons. That are days that taste like…well, “I have to eat my greens” kind of flavor. But any day being around the sweets we bake is a good day and most of all it’s because we love what we do! With every baby step, we reach a milestone.

Because of all of you: darling customers everywhere, reps, models, photographers, cutter, grader, pattern makers, seamstresses, vendors, everyone of you…we are blessed to be able to step up to where we are. So., THANK YOU from our hearts to yours. Our atelier is full of our nostalgic, playful, classic, fancy, sweet collection for little darlings just like our hearts that are full of love. We love you and extremely grateful for having you in our company’s sweet lifestories.


Dian & Runaway Pony.

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