Runaway Pony Featured in TFBM Magazine Issue 3

We had a festive Friday as we were generously featured in such a gorgeous magazine TFBM Issue 3. We have been following Katie Nguyen, the amazing and talented editor, the very inspiring designer and entrepreneur of TFBM – The Fashion Business Mentor and her own very cute clothing line Kangacoo Designs for her insightful articles and amazing magazines.


Thank you, TFBM, for featuring us. And for featuring us so generously. This is our very first press after our Press Release last month following our launch. If you are a parent who loves all things fabulous for your children, an independent designer, a photographer, an artist, a stylemaker, or an entrepreneur of any kind, we strongly suggest you follow The Fashion Business Mentor as it will give you the pleasure, the inspiration, and the answers that you probably have been searching for in many areas.

Here we are in TFBM Issue 3 that covers the article of “Choosing Photos for your Line Launch”! Pages 66 thru 71! So fun!

Issue 3 March 2014 TFBM Magazine

Issue 3 March 2014 TFBM Magazine

Issue 3 March 2014 TFBM Magazine

Issue 3 March 2014 TFBM Magazine

We are so blessed to have many talented friends around. These amazing photos and most of our product photos were captured by the sweet and talented Nicole Benitez from Nicole Benitez Photography. Nicole is also featured in this stunning Issue 3 of TFBM and one of her images made the photo cover. You can view the cool magazine online here .  Check it out for “some serious eye candy”, as Nicole put it!

Our little Keira and Fiona are represented by a very nurturing and extraordinary modeling agency Paloma Model and Talent (PMT). We got introduced to with “Miss Nicole”, as how our girls call her, through another sweet mom in PMT. Nicole then shared Katie’s blog with us and we immediately fell in love with Katie’s articles. We started to follow her blog immediately and Katie has been so helpful in mentoring us through our decision making and research. And then when chose Nicole, we did a casting call, we received beautiful submissions from PMT’s little models. We wished we could have had them all to represent us! Thank you, little models for representing Runaway Pony! Huge thanks to all of our friends that have helped us launch the line. We are also so grateful for Paloma Model and Talent for connecting us with such talented friends all around!

We love celebrating children everyday and we are so happy when we can share that passion to the world through the media who loves us also for the story that stands behind our collection.

Thank you fans and friends for being there for us. You always have a special place in our heart.

For those precious moments of celebrated childhood, XOXO,


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