Strawberry Sundae Romper in Green and White Stripes


Our Nostalgia:
Our love affair with stripes is evident in this chic and classic romper. We certainly cannot resist bold and beautiful chic stripes with bows! This green-and-white-striped  romper reminds a lot of our love for Old Hollywood. Dian is a big fan of the Old Hollywood glam styles especially those that were created by the American home decorator icon Dorothy Draper, which showcased her love for bold stripes and designs with bright colors. It also reminds us of our mini summer vacations to Palm Springs where we stay at a charming old-Hollywood-glam-mixed-with-bold-modern-style villa (The Viceroy Palm Springs). We also love the historic desert paradise that brings back the beauty of the golden era. Palm Springs definitely makes us feel pretty nostalgic.


Strawberry Sundae Romper in Yellow with White Polka Dots & Bows


Our Nostalgia:
Our love affair with polka dots began before our first daughter was born. We cannot resist polka dots that are accentuated with bows. This yellow with white polka dots romper reminds us of our Keira’s first lemonade stand where she truly enjoyed one of the classic American summer traditions. Bright sunny day. Blue sky. “Lemonade, lemonade for sale!”, she went. It also reminds us of the era that Dian loves the most: the 40’s – 50’s, though America’s love affair with polka dots began in late 20’s and 30’s.