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Runaway Pony

Greetings from California!

Welcome to the Runaway Pony blog site. I am Dian McManus. I am vintage-classic minded, a momtrepreneur, a “stage mom” and a mommy to two sweet darling little girls under the age of five who keep me up on my toes everyday. My little girly girls are my true inspiration, my breath and my angels who bring out the best in me.

Ever since my darling little 4-year-old Keira was discovered in my belly, I knew I would be having so much fun being a mommy. I always love fashion for me but I am also crazy about children’s fashion and dress-up play endless items. So when I discovered I was going to have a girl, I was beyond overjoyed. Not that a boy would have frozen me on the spot with disappointment! Keira is exactly what I had wished for, in every amazing detail. Girly, smart, a chatterbox, confident, beautiful and most of all, healthy. She also loves art, math and reading. And did I mention likes to learn how to play chess? Then three years and five months later, I got another blessing that was equally exciting. We got another sweet baby girl, Fiona, who could look like Keira’s twin sister except for Fiona’s curly baby hair! Fiona was born nine pounds and four ounces, and ever since she was in mama’s belly, I knew she would be a smart good eater baby and have so many fun personalities! She definitely is and she loves food dearly, though not so much milk. She is a very opinionated girl just like her big sister. I really think that being a mommy to these two girls has really made my mind think more creatively. I have become a crafty mom, a more-than-ever baker mom, and a cook mom. I thought I was only into home decorating and tastemaking. Apparently, I am all into making things that have a lot to do with home, with my girls, with my friends’ kids, and lately, with the community! Having two girls has brought me here: I love dressing up the girls and making pretty things so much that I want to have my own clothing line. I feel incredibly grateful for my sweet Keira and Fiona.

When Keira was a baby, we lived at a different place that had a spacious walk-in closet for all her baby clothes. Her closet looked like a children’s clothing boutique. And so did her drawers (and still do). Her closet’s collection was so inspiring to me. All those beautiful gorgeous colors and styles. And then one day my sweet (and the most awesome) mom in law gave me a pile of real vintage sunsuits and baptism dresses along with baby overalls. The sunsuits and I met. I FELL IN LOVE deeper with vintage children’s clothing. The sunsuit belonged to the baby who is now the girls’ Grandma Sally. Yes, Grandma Sally wore it when she was not even a year old. I was choked up. What an honor to have been given the precious heirloom and how amazing is Grandma Sally for keeping all these precious pieces all these years!

The sunsuit collection in Runaway Pony is a tribute to Grandma Sally. Here is a picture of Keira at six months old wearing her grandma Sally’s baby sunsuit!




And here are snapshots of Fiona!



I wish I could freeze time. I want them to be small for a long time. Classic children’s clothing pieces bring back childhood memories to me. Classic children’s story books bring me a sense of comfort, warmth, and cuddly-feel. I want to re-live the classic childhood play days, the simpler times, and re-create more fond memories by just being with my girls. I want to play with them, read them that extra story, cuddle tight with them, spend summer days and nights with them at every waking hour, do all the things that I know will make them glow with euphoria. Even when I feel like falling into pieces from a long day. I just want them to remember how happy they were as children. And I want to share all of that with you and the little darlings in your life.

Welcome to the glory story of my love for children, for the classic childhood memories, for the vintage-inspired children’s fashion that is adorable, playful and beautiful. And most importantly, the kind that tells a story of the unconditional mother’s love.
Samples are coming this summer! I cannot wait to introduce our line to you!

A thousand tender kisses and lots of love,

Creative Director + Designer